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Oct 21, 2015

Blackstar design and install bespoke pallet elevator for a major high street retailer

A major high street retailer of domestic white goods and electrical equipment required a bespoke pallet elevator for their new factory and approached Lancashire based Blackstar Handling Systems, in partnership with Keymas to provide a solution.

The requirement was a lift to elevate pallets six metres to a mezzanine floor and back down to ground floor level for dispatch. To future proof the solution; provision was made to unload pallets at a three metre point, half way up the lift shaft.

Pallet Elevator

Products are loaded by an Operator using a hand pump on a pallet measuring 1800mm long and weighing up to 500Kgs.

Particular attention was given to the safety of the pallet elevator because it is only used for products not personnel. Should personnel inadvertently enter the lift area, raise and lower gates are fitted at the top and bottom of the lift and light guards fitted away from the lift to disable it in case of an emergency.

The lift was manufactured at the Blackstar factory in Skelmersdale, Lancashire and delivered and installed at the customer?s premises. The system conforms to all the relevant legislation.


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