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Nov 29, 2014

Blackstar Handling Systems Goes Green

A conveyor system from Blackstar?Handling Systems?is helping cement producer Lafarge with its green credentials.

Blackstar?Handling Systems?ability to deliver a bespoke conveyor system to?a green project?in a tight timescale has won them a white listing from a new client.

The materials handling specialist?s designed manufactured and delivered a roller conveyor system to integrate with a powered belt conveyor system supplied by Roltech at the Lafarge?cement plant in Aberthaw, South Wales in just five weeks

The Blackstar?Handling Systems?system feeds used car tyres from a hopper the ground floor to a furnace on the third floor via five stretches of roller conveyor belt totalling 30 metres, some of which is on a 15? incline, and via three 90? transfer pushers.

The project is environmentally friendly on two counts. Firstly, it solves the problem of disposing of large amounts of used car tyres which would usually go to landfill, and secondly, the tyres replace burning coal and coke as fuel.

It generates large amounts of useable heat at very low cost, and due to the extreme high temperatures generated, no adverse pollutants are released into the atmosphere. Fumes are constantly monitored by Lafarge and the Environment Agency.

As most of Blackstar?Handling Systems?1200mm-wide system is mounted on gantries exposed to the atmosphere; it is manufactured from galvanised steel. It feeds the tyres onto a long, inclined Roltech belt conveyor that transports them to the second floor.

Blackstar?Handling Systems?roller system then feeds the tyres singularly into an elevator which takes them to the third floor where they are delivered via the Blackstar?Handling Systems?roller system, the third 90? pusher and a tilting section into the furnace chute.

Blackstar?Handling Systems?Managing Director Ian Pegler added: ?After a prolonged period of running and a review by all parties to enhance performance, some small modifications were made to the pushers and the chute but these were completed with no interruption to the Lafarge production.

?Over the years we have supplied all manner of standard and purpose-built roller and belt conveyor solutions to customers transporting everything from pallets to aircraft wings. We hope this latest eco-friendly project reinforces our reputation for quality and flexibility.?


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