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Aug 29, 2014

Pallet system with floor level loading for the Cardboard Box Company

In 2013 The Cardboard Box Company based in Accrington needed to reduce manual handling, increase through put of product and improve the quality of stacked pallets, they appointed Blackstar?Handling Systems?to come up with a solution.

This involved Blackstar?Handling Systems?designing and supplying an extensive powered conveyor system with some initiative purpose built pieces of?equipment to meet the specific needs of The Cardboard Box Company.

This equipment included several raise and lower modular belt conveyor mounted on scissor lifts which allowed pallets to be loaded by hand pump truck. They allowed access across the conveyors for operators and products again using hand pump trucks plus the transfer of completed pallets in-line with the roller conveyor system.

A pneumatic side shuttle transfer car was also supplied to allow completed pallets to be delivered to the warehouse for collection by Fork Lift truck.

All completed pallets are delivered for Strapping and Stretch wrapped on machines supplied by Mosca.

The system has run trouble free with no production downtime since it was installed, so when in 2013 The Cardboard Box Co. invested in a new Bobst machine they asked Blackstar?Handling Systems?to supply a new system to be integrated into the existing equipment.

This involved additional take off conveyors, a pallet dispenser, powered roller conveyors and a turn unit to feed pallets into the main finished goods line.

Blackstar?Handling Systems?supplied the pallet handling equipment to transport completed work from the new case-maker through the existing Strapper and Wrapper and out for dispatch.

The original handling equipment had to be modified and the new outfeed from the Bobst linked into the system.

This involved supplying an additional Turn Unit and quite a few pockets of powered roller conveyors. An automatic pallet dispenser was supplied for the delivery of empty pallets to the operator and removed the requirement for lifting.

As the Blackstar?Handling Systems?supplied equipment is modular, moving and integrating new equipment to form a new system is relatively straightforward hence reducing costs and downtime for The Cardboard Box Co.

Blackstar?Handling Systems?also supplied a telescopic pallet infeed system to the new Bobst which opens and closes when a print change take place.

Blackstar?Handling Systems?range of pallet conveyors includes turn units and bi-directional conveyors, centralisers, pallet dispensers, modular belt conveyors, shuttle cars and transfer cars which are all usually line-shaft driven. However if required, chain driven conveyors can also be supplied and on all systems Blackstar?Handling Systems?can if required supply all electrical control, delivery and installation.


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