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Mar 1, 2013

Pallet Inspection System for Britvic

In an automatic production environment?the integrity of the pallets is vital to both maintain ?production and ensure safety when stacking the pallets.

Britvic had such a requirement and needed to ensure pallets entering the system are neatly stacked, with no broken boards, no upside down pallets and free from surface debris.

Hence, Blackstar Handling developed a pallet checking system based on their standard range of equipment:

  • Pallets are delivered into a pallet destacker an single pallets released for checking.
  • Single clamped pallets are checked using a series on pneumatic pistons mounted above and below to ensure runners are intact and will not fracture under pressure.
  • Brush rollers remove debris such as tape and labels.
  • Good quality pallets are re-stacked for introduction into the production hall.
  • Bad pallets are removed from the ?system for repair or to be destroyed.


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