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AV2 Shrink Banding Machine

Blackstar Handling Systems provide the AV2 Shrink Banding Machine to clients across the North West, Greater Manchester, Lancashire and West Yorkshire areas.

The AV2 Shrink Banding Machine is suitable for many applications: it bands with heat-shrink film, packages having dimensions which may vary in height and length. The machine makes automatically the operations of banding, welding and cutting the heat-shrinking film; through a device, it picks and joins the two reels borders at the required height: the edges are then welded to form a film curtain. The same pallet moving along the conveyor will unwind the length of film required for a correct packaging. Afterwards, the sealing bars will close behind the pallet, thus banding its four vertical sides.

AV2 Shrink Banding Machine

The AV2 machine can be supplied with min. 1 and max 6 film reels (each side), of different heights: the machine will automatically choose the most appropriate reel size according to the pallet dimensions, thus ensuring the best costs optimization.

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