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Health you cannot buy, but Dotec LiftAssist? you can!
Good working conditions in the logistic process are not always easy to achieve.?For weights over 60 KG it?s not so difficult to find suppliers, they are uncountable, however specialists?for 30 KG or less are hard to find. You found one now. Very often lift assists are far to bulky?and oversized. Operators lose the feeling with their task and managers lose productivity due?to reduced speed. It?s our challenge to overcome these negative aspects with new designs and?smart solutions. Every Dotec LiftAssist is sized and tailored to its job, for 10- up to 250 KG applications.

A Dotec LiftAssist??is amazingly simple to use and fits logically into any existing (manual) process. It?s designed and manufactured for users ?on the shop floor? who want to get to work with it right away. That is why Operators say:?A Dotec is a?friendly?LiftAssist.

Made in Holland?
The Dotec 3800m2 production facility is located in Joure, The Netherlands. This is where they design and manufacture the Dotec LiftAssits. Every system is tested in a realistic set-up before installation on the clients? site.

Dotec develop, search and apply new technologies and materials for the logic-controls and LiftAssists, in order to make them smarter and easier to to handle. That?s what Dotec call ?State of the Art? design.

Dotec LiftAssists do travel
Dotec travel along with their global customers. From China to Brasil they implement the Dotec LiftAssists.

Service & Support?
The Dotec field Service Engineers give full maintenance service and support ?On-Site?.


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