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Your benefits with PALOMAT®

Introducing Palomat

Automation is one of the keywords to boost efficiency. The PALOMAT® pallet magazine automates pallet handling, increases efficiency when stacking and destacking pallets, and spares employees from the unsuitable work of manually lifting heavy pallets.

PALOMAT® can become a natural part of the work flow, e.g. in production, the warehouse, the packaging department or shops – in short, any place in a business operation where there is a need to stack and destack empty pallets at floor level.

As an innovative manufacturer, we emphasise continuous product development. While we strive to meet market demands on ergonomics, lean processes and good work environments, safety in the use of our product is of the highest importance.

Globally, “green” and eco-friendly investments are increasingly gaining attention. It is now a priority for many to reduce and completely eliminate different types of environmental impact.

We fully support this “green” movement. This is why a large part of our range is 100% AC operated. All you need is a standard 230 V outlet and you can instantly switch to more efficient and user-friendly pallet handling. It is as easy as “plug in and play”.

The PALOMAT® pallet magazine is a Danish product manufactured in Denmark since 1992.

The PALOMAT® is CE-marked, which is your guarantee for a machine that has been manufactured in conformity with the strict requirements of safety, health and environmental impact. 

The PALOMAT® is sold via our dealers present in most European countries, the USA and Australia.


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