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M1 Semi Automatic Strapping Machine

Blackstar Handling Systems provide the M1 Semi Automatic Strapping Machine to clients across the North West, Greater Manchester, Lancashire and West Yorkshire areas.

MOD. M1 is one of the most versatile machines that the market can offer. The machine is suitable for strapping packages of different types also having significant overall dimensions; moreover, the working table easily allows the operator to complete the package filling, before being strapping. The mod.

M1 Semi Automatic Strapping Machine

M1 is lightweight and equipped with castors, which enable to move the machine to place required for packaging operation. Thanks to its simple construction and to the utmost reliability of its performance, the strapping machine mod. M1 offers the highest guarantee of a very good operating system.

Technical Specifications

Usable heat sealing polypropylene strap in width 9-12-15 mm. maximum joint efficiency. Easy and safe strap tension adjustment. Maintains the preset strap tensioning value, irrespective of the nature and dimensions of the package. Extremely simple maintenance. Both the arch size and the machine electrical program can be personalized upon request.

Technical Data


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