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PR 99 Automatic Strapping Machine

Blackstar Handling Systems provide the PR 99 Automatic Strapping Machine to clients across the North West, Greater Manchester, Lancashire and West Yorkshire areas.

The automatic strapping machine PR99 is suitable for the vertical compression of palletized loads of paper, cardboard and paper bags. It is provided of two strapping heads and three arches and it can carry out two strapping operations in automatic mode with a prefixed distance. One of the two head, which is mobile, allows to set the distance between strappings. The lower retractable channel allows to carry out strappings, positioning the cargo to the wooder pallet.

The complete device version for the automatic pallet rotation allows to perform cross strappings too. The machine is managed by PLC; it is also furnished with a pressing device which is commanded by moving rack. It has a touch screen operator on the control panel by which it is possible to manage the machine: how it works and to set up the type of strap you need, choosing between polypropylene or polyester strap.

PR 99 Automatic Strapping Machine

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