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Semi Automatic Wrapping Machine

Blackstar Handling Systems provide Semi Automatic Wrapping Machines to clients across the North West, Greater Manchester, Lancashire and West Yorkshire areas.

Semi-automatic wrapping machine with ? 1500 mm rotating table for pallets with stretch film, maximum load weight 1500kg, maximum base dimensions 800x1200 mm height 2100 mm. (pallet included), reel bearer with mechanical brake for reels with internal diameter 76 mm, external 250 mm and height 500mm. The wrap height is established automatically reading the load height through a photocell which can be delayed to obtain an overflow on the top. The gradual speed, departure and stopping of the rotation in addition to the upward and downward speed of the reel bearer are adjustable using inverters.

Semi-automatic wrapping machine

STANDARD VOLTAGE: 230 V - 1PH+N+PE - 50/60 HZ.


The most versatile pallet wrapping machine without overall fixed dimensions to quickly wrap palletised loads of any shape and weight. Standard set up with adjustable electromagnetic friction from control panel.

OPTION Reel bearer motorised with pre-stretch ratios interchangeable up to 250%

OPTION motorised reel bearer with continuous variation adjustable from control panel 0 to 400%

5 pre-set wrapping cycles and vast possibilities of customisation.

Exclusive device for quick film-loading.



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