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Shrink Hooding Machine

Blackstar Handling Systems provide Shrink Hooding Machines to clients across the North West, Greater Manchester, Lancashire and West Yorkshire areas.

The combined shrink hooding machine SH51 applies the hoods with tubular heat shrinking film to palletized products.

Shrink Hooding Machine

Messersi offers in a single unit the best solution for the preparation, opening and placement of hoods, made from tubular films with side bellows, together with a high quality heat shrinking via an innovative ring-type hot air generator. The machine combines and synchronizes three distinct and independent phases (preparation of the tubular film - the transfer of tubular film - hooding and heat shrinking), merging them together in a single process that minimizes the downtime of the various devices, providing exceptional levels of productivity (up to 140 packs per hour). The gripping and handling system of the tubular film is independent from the heat shrinking system: this way, the heat shrinking phase will not interfere with the gripping phase, ensuring therefore a maximum reliability in terms of wear resistance of the components and cables.

Cost Savings

The lower end of the hood is brought to the base of the product and stretched by 4 grippers (Messers? Patent) that provide an easy and efficient grip to better exploit the size of the tubular film, resulting in material savings. Our burners have been designed to provide a constant heat and air flow and to guarantee a gentle and even heat treatment of the hoods, enabling the use of films of minimum thickness. Moreover, the flame is lightened up only when the heat shrinking is required. Therefore, there are more energy efficient than traditional chamber furnaces.


The molds feeder and dispenser, thanks to the arrangement on the movable carriage, allows fast, easy and safe access from the ground for reels feeding and their fastening through the guides. The distribution of the combustive agent inside the burner ensures optimum combustion and prevents the leakage of unburned gas in the environment. Besides, in the absence of flame, the automatic detector cuts off the gas distribution.

Technical Specifications



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