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Turntable thermo-shrinking machine - ELECTRIC

Blackstar Handling Systems provide Electric Turntable thermo-shrinking machines to clients across the North West, Greater Manchester, Lancashire and West Yorkshire areas.

The turning table thermo-shrinking machine Mod. T 110 is suitable for the packaging of palletised products of any nature and size, using thermo-shrinking film. The necessity to guarantee the stability of the load and to ease the warehouse storage and safety during transport, make the T110 machine an indispensable tool for a correct product handling. The machine is electrically powered and therefore very safe and practical; it is very easy to use, only one operator is required to place the pallet on the rotating table and start the shrink cycle. The shrink wrapper can be used safely inside and is easily moved and transported to where it is required. It is also possible to personalized the thermo-shrinking process, acting on some parameters, in relation to the product?s and film features. The burner is controlled automatically, to ensure that a constant distance is kept from the pallet during the shrinking process, no matter what size or pallet shape: a fast and accurate shrink cycle can be guaranteed every time.

Turntable thermo-shrinking machine - ELECTRIC

It is possible to apply heat and shrink some parts of the pallet more than others, by simple regulations of the controls. The operator can apply heat and shrink in some parts of the pallet more than others, by simple regulations of the controls on the control panel, equipped with the required controls.

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