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Turntable thermo-shrinking machine - GAS

Blackstar Handling Systems provide Gas Turntable thermo-shrinking machines to clients across the North West, Greater Manchester, Lancashire and West Yorkshire areas.

The turntable thermo-shrinking machine Mod. T 100 is suitable for the packaging of palletised products of any nature and size, using thermo-shrinking film.

Turntable thermo-shrinking machine - GAS

The necessity to guarantee the stability of the load and to ease the warehouse storage and safety during transport, makes the T100 machine an indispensable tool for a correct product handling. Very easy to use, the operator just puts the already hooded pack with thermo-shrinking film on the turntable and starts the automatic thermoshrinking cycle from the dedicated button on the panel board. The turntable Mod. T100 is equipped of all the work security systems, as required from all current regulations. Operating description: once the pallet is positioned on the turntable, the operator can start the thermo-shrinking cycle through the START CYCLE button.

Both the turntable and the burner?s up/down movement are controlled by inverter. During the thermo-shrinking phase the rotating speed will change depending on the pallet shape in order to optimize the film shrinking and guarantee a good-looking result.

At the end of the cycle, the rotation system stops and the operator

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